HWIS “Jump Start” Summer Program

"Jump Start" Your Summer!

We are proud to introduce to you our “Jump Start” Summer Program. This is an intensive, 3-week preparation course designed to help you retain, improve, and jump start on all your academic subjects.

We're officially launching our AP Capstone courses in the summer, and with a variety of courses we get to boost your learning in the areas of core subjects as well as help you with discovering your AP selections for the upcoming school year.

In addition to taking these classes, you'll have the opportunity to improve on remote learning skills, meet our faculty members, and build friendships with other students. Remote learning is now an integral part of our lives and it is here to stay. Make good use of this summer program to sharpen your tools!

Registering for Summer School

To register, please choose from the following Google Forms:

New G7 Sign Up Form
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